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Cell Phone Holder Lanyard
Model Number: CHPOLY

Cell phone lanyard is a lanyard with 2-1/2" x 1-3/4" elasticized pouch pocket at the end of the lanyard stretches to fit a variety of cell phone and smart phone. Keep your cell phone right where you can find it, and provides extra storage when you are wearing outfits that does not have any pockets. Additional attachment on the end also keeps master keys all in one safe location.

Silkscreen printing on polyester lanyard

Standard 36" (90cm) - Custom length available upon request

3/4"(2cm), or 1"(2.5cm) - Custom width available upon request

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Standard Lanyard Colors:
Safety Breakaway:
Bulldog Clip
Cell Phone Loop-A
Lobster Hook
Split Ring
Additional Accessories:
Badge Holder-A
Badge Reel-C
Bottle Holder-A
Bottle Opener-A
Carabiner Hook-A
Cell Phone Loop-C
Heavy Duty T Hook-A
Hybrid Detachable Buckle-A
Metal Adjustable Bead
Metal Carabiner-A
Metal Clamp
Metal Square Hook
Oval Snap Hook-A
Plastic Detachable Buckle-B
Plastic Lobster Hook-A
Plastic Snap Hook-A
Plastic Snap Hook-E
Plastic Swviel Hook-C
Swviel Hook-A
Twist J-Hook
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